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Salon Aguayo

1/2 package of 1936 Harold Bissner architecture

1 cup clean lines

1 can of creativity

1/2 muted tones

5 heaping TBS natural light

Pinch of perfection

Combine 1936 Harold Bissner architecture with clean lines, 5 natural light and muted tones.


Allow to simmer for 30 minutes then add creativity and stir vigorously.


Once combined, season with a pinch of perfection and ENJOY!

about us

Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 5.28.36 PM.png

Salon Aguayo has been a pillar of the Pasadena beauty scene since 1998.


In 2014 Salon Aguayo relocated to the 1936 Harold Bissner building in the Playhouse District of Pasadena.


The salon is in a gorgeous loft with state of the art customized equipment earning the newly redesigned space an interior design award.

Salon Aguayo isn’t just another pretty face.

We pride ourselves in our dedication to continuing education, teamwork and inclusiveness.


All of our stylists come from different backgrounds, such as art, theater and even accounting. We value each of our stylists individual specialties and encourage them to find their own niche.


With such an eclectic group of professionals, Salon Aguayo has a fantastic hairstylist just for you.

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