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Coming soon to Salon Aguayo, Fusio Scrub: The Ultimate In-Salon Scalp & Hair Exfoliation.

Discover Fusio Scrub, a new intensive cleansing treatment, combined with an essential oil boost, awakens the scalp and the hair that springs from it. AN IN SALON SERVICE.

Take Care of your scalp.

Scalp health is the first step to radiant hair. It’s true ! Remember, the scalp is an extension of the skin. It lives right next to the delicate, expressive face. It is the foundation of the hair, and the head’s first line of defense against the outside world. Keep it toned and fresh! It is a game changer for gorgeous hair and a fresh mindset.

A new skincare-inspired treatment acts as a kind of facial for the scalp. Fusio Scrub is an in-salon service that deep cleans and revitalizes, freeing the skin and hair from deep impurities. The hair is left with a lightness and a lifted root. The look is pure volume and radiance. The mindset shirts from the worries of the day to a fresh outlook on everything.

Your Personalized Treatment.

After diagnosing your hair and scalp, your hairdresser will select the right Fusio Scrub for you.


The first step is to deep clean the scalp.



An invigorating formula. Scrub Energisant is a

sea salt

scrub designed for more oily scalps. Combined with the freshness of florals and a clarifying aquatic fragrance, it completely reinvigorates the head.



Specially formulated for those with sensitive scalps. Scrub Apaisant is a calming, gel-based scrub featuring

jojoba seeds and sweet orange peel.

Its scent combines uplifting citrus zest with a dark, musky amber.

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