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I Bleached My Dark-Brown Hair Icy Blonde — & This Is What I Look Like Now

It's natural to go through phases with your hair. Some days we wake up and want to chop it all off and dye it red. Other days, we want knee-length curls. It's called balance (and maybe a wig).

Karina Carmona, the star of our latest Hair Me Out episode, has had her fair share of strand indecision. "When I was a teen, I wanted to express myself, so I would dye my own hair. I've bleached my own hair, and I've even shaved my head," she says. Recently, Carmona's experimenting has turned into a natural hair journey. "For the past four years, I haven't even put a hot tool to my hair," she says. "Now that I understand my hair in its natural state, I feel like I can go crazy with it."

Carmona's definition of crazy was bleaching her dark-brown strands platinum-white at Three Degrees Salon. Her transformation involved a double-process dye job, an icy ivory gloss, and lots of anticipation.

Press play to see her dramatic makeover, above.

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