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Baxter of California now at Salon Aguayo

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Getting to know a little more about the brand, and getting acquainted with their products by testing them out for yourself. In this post, Salon Aguayo recaps the events of the day, starting with an introduction to the brand, and a detailed breakdown of the facial treatments and more which we received at our salon.

Baxter of California

Like most good ideas, the core concept for Baxter of California arose as a solution to a very specific problem. Engrossed in the Surfing lifestyle of California in the mid 60s, founder Baxter Finley found that  long days in the sun and exposure to salt water was wreaking havoc on his skin. But on looking for skincare products to remedy these issues, he found there was nothing on the market aimed specifically at men. From this realisation, he developed a skincare range, which expanded to hair care, shaving products and beyond as interest in the brand grew.

Today Baxter are one the most exciting players in the male grooming world. Their hair products are an exceptional range of styling pomades and clays, which look and smell incredible, while catering to all styles. Their award winning skin and shaving ranges are replete with products to suit all male needs.

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