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When Summer Heats Up, Your Kérastase Stylist at Salon Aguayo can Help!

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Summer is fun for you, but stressful for your hair. Keep your hair care game on point, wherever the season takes you.


Summer is wild, sexy, adventurous. It’s a time to jaunt from place to place, to heighten the senses, to experience everything. The problem is, a lot of summer’s most exciting activities are hell on the hair. Sunning, swimming, traveling, touring. And that’s not even to mention the heat and humidity—not always a chic look. At Salon Aguayo you can pick up the Kérastase products you need for your holiday.

The good news is it’s completely appropriate for summer hairstyles to get a bit loose, preferable even. It’s fine to let your hair be natural and free-flowing, a little undone, like a

French Girl Hair would. For the next few months, at least, perfection and polish are simply unnecessary.

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